The four pillars of the network

Our activities and tasks are as varied as the aerospace industry itself. We always focus on the question: How can we best support the stakeholders?


At conferences, workshops and other face-to-face events, we offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people, make new contacts and follow industry-specific lectures. We complement this with digital formats on interesting topics.


Through the exchange with other networks, location marketing and participation in joint projects, we not only keep you up-to-date on current developments, we also establish North Rhine-Westphalia as a driving force for the aerospace industry.


We are at your side as a reliable partner and help you ensure your projects are a success. Our solution-oriented approaches combine years of experience with detailed specialist knowledge and established contacts to research, politics and business.


With the help of our Advisory Board, we define the core topics of the network. In doing so, we concentrate on effectively promoting value chains together with business, research and politics.

What we rely on


Stakeholders need to be confident that their opinions will be heard and that their needs will be taken into account.

Personal contact

Direct contact with the stakeholders increases trust and helps to advance projects.


A clear focus on mutually agreed goals ensures efficient work.

Result-oriented action

The work of the network is results-oriented in order to enable efficient work.


Within the network we are absolutely neutral in order not to interfere with the active cooperation of all stakeholders.

Strategic approach

A strategic approach ensures the long-term success of the network and its members.

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