About North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the industrial heart of Europe. Around 160 million people live within a radius of 500 kilometres from the state capital of Düsseldorf – this corresponds to almost one third of all consumers in the EU.

Not only in terms of area and population, but also economically speaking, NRW is the largest federal state. North Rhine-Westphalia’s share of the total economic output of the Federal Republic was around 21 percent in 2020. This performance is characterised in particular by highly innovative small and medium-sized companies which make a major contribution to growth, employment, qualification and renewal of the economy.

Facts & Figures

The aerospace industry in North Rhine-Westphalia

Based on its industrial tradition, which began with mining, North Rhine-Westphalia has developed into one of the most innovative locations in the aerospace industry and is one of the most important locations for aerospace research in Europe. Over 400 companies of all sizes – some world-famous, others so-called hidden champions – play an elementary part of projects and supply chains around the world and call North Rhine-Westphalia home. Take a look at the directory below.

Science and research in North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia has the necessary know-how and the innovative strength that form the foundation for successful companies, as the region also enjoys an excellent international reputation in terms of research and education. In addition to the RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen University, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Fraunhofer Society also have several locations throughout the state. Together with a large number of universities and research institutions, which also deal with non-technical issues, they make a significant contribution to new developments in the industry.
Vocational training, too, can be found in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, tomorrow’s specialists in the fields of technology and avionics are prepared for the future at various locations in order to later shine in production or maintenance.

The infrastructure providers in North Rhine-Westphalia

The density of airports in the country is also impressive: in addition to three international airports, there are also four regional airports and various airfields. Some of these airfields are not only used by amateur pilots, but are also specialised in research and testing of new technologies.

Among other things, these airfields also provide infrastructure that supports players from science and business in converting ideas into new products and services.