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The German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and the associations united in the BDLI Regional Forum held the 15th German Aerospace Regions Day.

In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia a combination of conference, networking and exhibition activated stakeholders.

State Minister Prof. Andreas Pinkwart matched up with partners and booths determining the strength of Aerospace Industry in the state of NRW. Quote: “North Rhine-Westfalia is the most important place for Aerospace Business. We are very happy to here have more than 400 companies – most of them medium sized companies, family owned – a lot of so called hidden champions …”

Aircraft valves specialist Hebmüller Aerospace supported this program exhibiting latest prototypes in Research & Development. Quote Axel Hebmüller, CEO of Hebmüller Aerospace and Chairman to the Foreign Trade Association North Rhine-Westfalia: “Hebmüller Aerospace has been supplying valves to the galley and lavatory manufacturers for the past 25 years. We started to look for the optimization of our valves. We have designed valves that can cut your costs and make your assembly a lot easier. Through our research and development we have automized quite a few of our valves to make handling for your aircrew easier.”

This Sold out German Aerospace Regions Day gave proof.

WORLDWIDE AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURERS achieve their benefits from German family owned SME market players like Hebmüller Aerospace

Quelle: Hebmüller Aerospace