Continuing partnership between Deutsche Aircraft and Simulator Training Solution GmbH (STS) for D328

In March 2020, Deutsche Aircraft and Simulator Training Solution GmbH (STS) established a successful collaboration to provide simulator training for the D328 turboprop and jet. STS is a key service provider for Deutsche Aircraft, offering our current D328 operators state-of-the-art simulator training services.

On the strategic partnership with STS, Nico Neumann (COO Deutsche Aircraft GmbH) remarks, “For Deutsche Aircraft, the collaboration with STS is a powerful tool to support our customers operating the D328 worldwide. STS has an innovative approach that is fully in line with our corporate strategy and customer focus, up to the goal of offering sustainable complete solutions in the regional aircraft market.”

Jan Hünerfeld (CEO of STS GmbH) states that, “With our state-of-the-art D328 simulator training centre, we are looking forward to a sustainable and successful regional aviation future. At STS, we want to play a key role in Deutsche Aircraft’s sustainable aviation mission, especially with how we carry out operations at our simulator training centre.”

Sustainable all the way

In line with Deutsche Aircraft’s strategy to provide sustainable solutions in regional aviation, STS will install solar panels on the rooftop of the training centre, allowing the simulators to be powered by up to 70% solar energy. In the next phase, they plan to completely power the D328 Simulator Training Centre with 100% renewable energy.

STS is also thinking outside the box when it comes to the travel arrangements for flight crews, as there are electric cars available for their disposal to transport trainees to and from the training establishment.

About Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer built on the heritage of aviation pioneers that continues to propel the aviation industry forward with innovative solutions. Supported by a highly skilled and passionate team of international engineers and aviation experts, Deutsche Aircraft is developing the most advanced regional aircraft on the market: the D328eco™. As type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide, the company is uniquely positioned to complement the existing fleet with this next-generation aircraft.

Deutsche Aircraft applies the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability for the D328eco. As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of regional air transport, Deutsche Aircraft is working with key players in the industry to achieve climate-neutral flights.