Charting the Skies of Tomorrow: The Sustainable Aviation Revolution

Welcome to a new era of air travel where innovation meets sustainability. 

Electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft represent a promising path to reach climate neutrality goals, with the aviation industry and governments jointly pushing boundaries to bring disruptive aircraft into service by 2035

From cutting-edge technologies to revamped regulations and greener airports, the pursuit of sustainable aviation requires unparalleled collaboration throughout the whole aviation value chain and ecosystem.

Join us at the Clean Aviation Annual Forum from 5 until 6 March 2024, as we navigate towards cleaner skies together.

The Forum is scheduled close to a high-level workshop on synergies between European and national/regional research & innovation programmes in the aviation sector. The workshop takes place on 4 March 2024 and is co-organised with the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions. 

Quelle: Clean Aviation