Interregional cooperation brings regions together to develop solutions to enhance government investment, innovation and capacity building. The Interreg Europe programme is expanding to welcome new partners from EU candidate countries. This session is your chance to learn more about the new cooperation opportunities and connect with potential new partners. Join us for an interactive discussion about the future of interregional cooperation and the impact it can have on the prosperity of regions.

Who should participate: Local and regional | INTERREG | EU/ European | Neighbours (ENI + IPA + EFTA + UK) | Governance and Public administration | Cohesion | Industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs (enterprise/ startup/ business) | Circular economy | Investment and Finances | Jobs and Employment | Research and Innovation

When: Tue 10/10/2023, 09:30 – 10:30 CET

Code: 10W23519

Where: SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Room 311-312

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